Hasanlar HEPP

General Information

With an average annual electricity production of 30,000,000 kWh, Hasanlar Hydroelectric Power Plant can meet the annual power needed by 20.000 houses. It is an environmentally friendly power plant, as the power it generates leads to 15.840 tonnes (25.268 trees/year) reduction in carbon emissions. 15% of the annual energy consumed by the dwellings in Düzce province can be met by the power generated in our Hasanlar Power Plant.

Technical information

  • It is located in Hasanlar village of Düzce province in the Western Black Sea Region.
  • Batıenerji has obtained the Operating Right for the Hasanlar Hydroelectric Power Plant for the period between 01.03.2013 - 01.03.2062, through the privatization tender it has won.
  • It was commissioned in May 1991.
  • Its installed capacity is 9.35 MW.
  • It has been built as two units with each having an installed capacity of 4,675 MW.
  • It runs on Francis type horizontal axis turbines.
  • Its net head is 46.2 meters.
  • Its project flow rate is 22 m³ / sec.
  • It produces an average of 30,000,000 kWh of electricity annually.

Hasanlar HEPP

Hasanlar Hydroelectric Power Plant, which can meet the power needs of 20000 residences, is the 745th biggest power plant of Turkey and 2nd biggest power plant of Düzce.

Our Social Activities in Our Region

Yığılca Sailing Festival
Yığılca Sailing Festival

"Yığılca Sailing Festival" is organized in Hasanlar Dam Lake by the Yığılca Municipality. Various activities such as folk dances, sailing races are organized and treats are offered within the scope of the festival.

Rafting Organization
Rafting Organization

Rafting organizations are carried out on the Büyük Melen Stream. In large rafting organizations in which the governorship also takes place, high flow water is released from the Hasanlar Dam in order to increase the water flow in the Büyük Melen Stream.

Corporate Affairs
Corporate Affairs

Düzce Provincial AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) teams provide emergency rescue trainings to students as well as institutions such as police headquarters, etc. at the Hasanlar Dam site. Düzce Provincial AFAD teams carry out some of their underwater rescue and climbing trainings at the dam site as well.


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